How to Set Up Your Anki Deck

French All in one

  1. Copy the audio files from your phrasebook to your computer’s hard drive.  For this tutorial, I am using McGraw-Hill’s French All in One.
  2. Download Anki.
  3. Open Anki.
  4. Your screen should look like this. Click on Add.

Create deck 02

Click on Fields

Create deck 03Rename “Front” to French.  Rename “Back” to English.

Create deck 04

Click on Add and create a new field called Audio.

Create deck11

Click close, then in another window, open the folder with your audio files in it.  Drag and drop an mp3 file into the Audio field.

Create deck13

Type (or cut and paste) the French word from the Audio field into the French field.  Put the English word into the English field.  Then click Add.

Create deck22 flip

Repeat as necessary to make as many cards as you need.

Making Anki Test Us Both Ways

We want Anki to test us both ways; that is, from French to English and from English to French.   So…

Click Close, then click on Browse, then click on Current Deck.

Create deck18 flip

Click on Cards.

Create deck19 flip

Click on the funny little button in the top right corner.

Create deck20 flip

In the Card 2 tab, in the Front Template, change {{French}} to {{English}}.

In the Back Template section,  replace {{English}} with {{French}}.    Create deck21 flip

Click on Close.

And there you have it.  Or as we say in French, voila.  Now every time you add a new card, Anki will automatically create another card to test your recall in reverse.

If I have made a mistake, or something is not clear, please let me know in the comments.

Good luck,



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