05 Recommended phrasebooks


I heartily recommend the iSpeak and All in One series by Alex Chapin, published by McGraw Hill.

Like all good phrasebooks, they contain extremely useful, practical phrases and vocabulary, but these books (actually CDs with about 1500 mp3 files on them) also have an audio recording of each phrase in the target language, which is then repeated in English twice, then finally repeated in the target language again.

So far I’ve found these phrasebooks available in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, German, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese and Korean.

French All in one

And all of the phrases are recorded as separate files, which makes incorporating them into an Anki deck really easy.

I’ve learnt Spanish by memorising the Spanish All-in-One phrases, French by memorising French All-in-One phrases, and I’ve learnt Mandarin by memorising the phrases on the  iSpeak Chinese CD.


AA Kids’ Phrasebooks

Available in French, Italian and Spanish.  There are no audio recordings, but the pronunciation guides are pretty good, and the books are very well designed and illustrated with relevant vocabulary for kids.



Latin can be fun

Latin Can Be Fun

01 Welcome

02 This is why it works…

03 Advantages of this method

04 Disadvantages of this method

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