04 Disadvantages of this method

It doesn’t teach you grammar…

but a bit of research on the internet or at the library goes a long way here.

I’ve found Michel Thomas’s method to be particularly helpful when it comes to grammar.  You can download a free booklet of his courses (no audio) here.

Margarita Madrigal used a similar method to teach grammar.



You may have to find someone to practise with.

Not really a disadvantage though – rather an opportunity to meet new people.  In a multicultural city like Sydney or Birmingham, it’s actually quite easy to find people who speak almost any language.  If you can’t find someone nearby, you might like to consider iTalki.

01 Welcome

02 This is why it works…

03 Advantages of this method

04 Disadvantages of this method

4 thoughts on “04 Disadvantages of this method

  1. I totally agree with you: I started something related to a language de-assemble, if it is correct to put it this way, and soon I realized that I could start up new sentences, by only investigating the process, comparing chunks of words in differente positions and having the meaning, through the context, about the grammar. It is what I call as a natural grammar acquisition. I don`t know if I can say the editor`s name, but I am talking about the LP Mediterranean series. And I am working the Albanian language out.

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