The Forgotten History of Autism

This is one of the best presentations I have ever seen in my life – on any subject.  If you have a spare 15 minutes, do yourself a favour and watch this video.



Duolingo plus Anki… a winning combination?

I always enjoy reading Nick’s blog Rise of the Polyglot. He’s a clever, creative guy and learning Danish has paid off for him big-time. I am also a big fan of spaced-repetition memory systems like Anki.

Rise of the Polyglot

As I’ve progressed through the duolingo Danish course, I’ve found some sentences that actually make some sort of sense within the context of an actual conversation.

The problem is that it can be so easy to forget these phrases, so I’ve started to use anki flashcards to help me.

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Use your language skills to make the world a better place

This lengthy article in the Guardian provides some interesting food for thought about languages used on the internet.

My first thoughts on reading it are:

(1) Learning another language can dramatically open up the amount of information available to you.

(2) If you speak another language, writing Wikipedia articles in it can help fill in some of the knowledge gaps that exist in other languages.