About this method

Yo, hipsters.  It’s me Ziggy.

I’m living proof that it’s possible to learn a language by memorizing a phrasebook.

I used this method to learn Spanish by memorizing 10 phrases per day (on average) for five months. 

And it’s not hard at all.

All you need is a computer, a Spaced Repetition System like Anki (it’s free) and a digital phrasebook (i.e. a phrasebook with recorded audio files of each of the phrases so that your pronunciation is correct).

It is a cheap, easy, non time-consuming way to learn a language.  In fact it is so effective that I’m now using this method to learn Chinese.

I blog about my progress once a week.


5 thoughts on “About this method

  1. I love this idea. My father-in-law has 50 words he writes down at learns whenever he’s going to be in another country. Just that small effort makes a huge difference. I’m going to try your method.

  2. I shall be trying this myself. Except I shall try and learn 30 phrases from the phrasebook per day. Now that you’ve been through the process with a few different languages, are there any gotchas that I should take note of? Thanks 🙂

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